Berry Wimbledon

Come and watch the Wimbledon tennis championship at William's Bar and Bistro, screened in digital resolution, air conditioned comfort, prime seats and best of all - no long queues!

William Drabble, in collaboration with our Sommelier Marco Feraldi, has created the perfect dessert to enjoy whilst watching the tennis games: the Berry Wimbledon Dessert.

It is made with mixed British berries marinated in vanilla and mint, served with a scoop of refreshing homemade strawberry sorbet and, as Marco suggests, topped with Boisson Rouge, a sparkling red wine... Be ready, we will serve an ace!

Priced at £7.50, the Berry Wimbledon Dessert will be on the menu from 24th June until the 7th July.

And for those who love sipping Pimm's whilst watching the games, we have given a topspin to this traditional cocktail! Bar Manager Melissa has created the Posh Nosh, made with Pimm’s No.1, fresh strawberries, rose Syrup and fresh lime juice topped with Jacquart Champagne £18.20.