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Mango cream and sorbet with passion fruit and peppermint syrup

Pistachio parfait with raspberries

Lavazza coffee soaked savarin with coffee cream and parfait caramelised hazelnuts

Gariguette strawberries marinated in mint and vanilla, strawberry sorbet, pink champagne

Selection of British cheeses by Paxton & Whitfield

JING TEA (all at £4.90)

From China
Organic Bohea Lapsand Tea, Lychee Red Black Tea
Iron Buddha Oolong Tea, Vintage Raw Puerh Tea
Organic Dragon Well Green Tea, Silver Needle White Tea

From India
Assam Breakfast Tea, Darjeeling 2nd Flush Tea
Lemon, Verbena, Whole Peppermint Leaf
Organic Whole Camomile Flowers

From Sri Lanka
Earl Grey Tea, Decaffeinated Ceylon Tea

LAVAZZA COFFEE (all at £4.90)

Double Espresso

A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill. 

All prices include VAT

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