Concierge at St. James's Hotel and Club

Meet Madeleine

Madeleine Calon, the Head Concierge at St. James’s Hotel and Club, is one of the few women to have been honoured with the Golden Keys, which is the most recognised and respected prize within the industry.

Madeleine and her team have a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips and would be delighted to assist with each individual requirement. Their aim is to make your stay as effortless and unforgettable as possible.

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Kids' Concierge

For our smallest guests

London is a city for kids of all ages and our experienced concierge team takes great pleasure in introducing our younger guests to some of its most famous and more unusual attractions.

Assistant Head Concierge Tony O’Connell is our resident expert in all things that are fun, informative, unusual and absorbing and can recommend exactly the right activity, restaurant or theatre show for enjoyable days out either in the centre of London or just a little further afield.

So whether guests are 6 months, or 60 years and young at heart, and enjoy the zoo or are looking for something a little more extraordinary, Tony will find something that appeals so that the whole family can enjoy their visit to London.

Activities for kids in London
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