Art Collection

Art Collection

St. James’s Hotel and Club is not only a unique venue, but also one of the best town house hotels in London featuring an extensive private art collection of more than 400 paintings, pictures and sculptures, called “The Rosenstein Collection” dated 1920-1950. 

The collection was carefully selected to complement the hotels elegant design and exclusive fabrics and relates to the original exhibitions in British private members clubs, but with a modern twist.

The key focus has been on sourcing art from Scandinavia, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and the UK and the collection Includes works from the classic, cubism, expressionist and impressionist movements, and features a broad selection of different techniques, colours and textures. A large proportion of the paintings are based on portraits expressing individuality and uniqueness.

The Rosenstein Collection has its own very special and individual character. It has grown over the past 16 years with the help of art historian Dr. Andreas Sternweiler.

Marks of the past, such as small scratches, stains etc, have not been restored but rather, have been left to strengthen the key message of this collection - the passing of time and the wounds of history.

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